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Video Production

  Livestreaming Video Production Company

Livestreaming and video production go hand in hand. While pretty much anyone can use their smartphone to create Livestream video, a Livesreaming company takes the production to a whole new level. After all, your phone can't get the same exciting footage as our DJ Phantom 4 Pro Plus drone. Not only that, but quality video production requires other equipment such as sound and lighting. As a Livestreaming company, we've got you covered.
At Film Quality Services, we own our network equipment to ensure wireless access points via the Cloudfi Point System. Our state of the art broadcast gear includes the Blackmagic Constellation 8K, Blackmagic Advanced Control Panel and Roland VR-50HD Mk ii to ensure redundancy and quality. We use both wired and wireless Eartec Communication headsets to ensure smooth communication during production. And our audio and sound gear cover all your needs as well with everything from an array of mixers including a Midas M32 Live Digital Mixer, Yamaha Fx 12v2 Mixer, and Behringer 6i Mixer to keyboards and hardware encoders. 
You won't get the same kind of quality in a DIY video production. Our Livestreaming company not only has all of the equipment, but we also have all of the talent to ensure your production is smooth and engaging. What's more, you'll be able to track and evaluate the ROI on your video production with metrics such as the number of viewers, their engagement, and the kind of behaviors they exhibit. All that data helps you define your audience and really hone in on what it is they want from your brand. As you can imagine, hiring a Livestreaming company will improve your content and marketing strategy.
Are you ready to work with professionals in video production? Then contact Film Quality Services today and let's talk about Livestreaming and how it can build brand awareness.

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