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Carson Moore

Audio Production & Sound Management

When it come’s to audio he is there for it whether it is EDM production, DJ events, or studio assistance. His main roles are producing a library of multi-genre FQS soundtracks and running live sound with the Midas


Gil Fountain

Videographer/ Video Editor

Gil is a TV show enthusiat who spends much of his time in the edit bay working on promos for networks like TNT, TBS, NBATV and streaming platforms like HBOMax. His passion extends outside of the edit bay into the worlds of cinematgraphy, producing and broadcasting. Gil has Produced, Filmed and Edited for many large scale corporations and events including IMF, Dreamhack, Suntrust Park, Mercedez Benz Stadium, AT&T and Suntrust Bank. Gils strong work ethic and multitasking capabilities making him an esential part to the FQS team.


John Wiesenberg

Videographer/Video Editor

John’s passion for cinematic video coupled with his talent are key to producing successful, effective campaigns. His commitment to the collaboration process with his clients results in a final product that meets and exceeds their goals and objectives.

Over the past 5 years John has carefully built his craft while pushing creative boundaries. His progressive thinking and use of cutting edge technology sets him apart from others in the industry.


Tony Reece

Technical Director/Switcher

Mobile Broadcast Unit – Senior Engineer In Charge

Tony has a true passion for overseeing all technical aspects of mobile unit operation and ensuring a quality broadcast is delivered to the client.

As the owner and operator of a mobile broadcast unit since 2007, he has developed an ability to expertly troubleshoot and provide appropriate direction and guidance to others in high-pressure situations.

He has a proven ability to deliver top-notch customer service and ensure client expectations are met or exceeded.


Casandra Chesneau

Artist Relations/ Scheduling/ PA

Casandra is an actress in film and television. She received her Bachelors in Fine arts, and Masters in Business Management from the University of Florida. She spent time as an intern for the casting office, Fincannon & Associates, where she learned the value of scheduling and open communication with artist to ensure everything runs smoothly. She is a big art enthusiast. She brings nothing but the highest quality of professionalism in ensuring that all of the talent/artists are comfortable and needs are fulfilled from start to finish of every activation. Whatever you need, she will make it happen to the best of her ability.


Hollace Bain

Observer, IT, Operations

Hollace Bain has been producing and directing digital content centralized around competitive gaming since his early teens. Hollace began his career in esports as a social media and marketing specialist for Turner Broadcasting Systems’ ELEAGUE. After a couple invaluable years at ELEAGUE, he moved on to work with AVGL (American Video Game League) - one of the largest collegiate esports leagues in the county. Being the league's CSGO community manager meant he was able to put his editing skills and CSGO knowledge to use.


Louis Zehner

Videographer/Video Editor

Louis Zehner is a freelance Producer, Videographer, Photographer and Editor specializing in event based esports production. He has been in the industry since 2016 and traveled the US working with esports brands like DreamHack, Rivalry, Rogue, H4X, ESTV, RTS and more. He joined the FQS team in 2019 and has been working to help deliver quality content since.


Tran Arkayic


Tran Nguyen is an entrepreneur with passionate drive for the music and film industry. With a background in architectural design and project management. He is currently in the field to produce sustainable architectural design concepts. He work focuses on a passion for audio and video productions with the artist experiential expression to create great stories to tell. Tran is the photographer and camera assistant for FQS. He makes sure the team gets the proper photo and film documentation.


Cody Chesneau


Since 2016, Cody has dedicated his life to production and creating memorable content worth watching.
He has worked heavily within the gaming space, creating live streamed gaming activations for the Atlanta Braves, Imagine Music Festival, AT&T, Axis Replay, and many more.


Jason Hyunh


From the greater Atlanta area, with notoriety in New Orleans and Austin. I'm an all-around photographer with a niche for music and event photography.


Plamen Marinov

Technical Director/Engineer

Plamen is an esports fan turned broadcaster and has worked on productions at some of America's largest gaming festivals and convention like Dreamhack and PAX. By specializing in video and audio signal flow, he can work out a plan to bring almost any production into reality. Plamen can comfortably fill almost any seat in the production line when on-air air and feeds off the fast-paced environment that live broadcast provides.

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