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Livestream Broadcasting

Livestream Broadcasting Near Atlanta

It used to be that the only industry to use Livestream broadcasting was sports. These days Livestream broadcasting is used for corporate events and virtual summits across industries. Whether it's a live event to increase social media engagement and branding efforts or Livestreaming Atlanta for music lovers Livestream broadcasting will keep your audience engaged and help build your brand.
If you're searching for Livestream broadcasting, Atlanta then you're in luck, because Film Quality Services is close by. Film Quality Services LLC. is a turnkey freelance production company. We specialize in Livestream broadcasting, Atlanta, with services that include music and sound, as well as graphic inserts, and more. We produce large scalable Livestream broadcasting for concerts, conferences, and Livestreaming across industries.
At Film Quality Services, we own our network equipment to ensure wireless access points via the Cloudfi Point System. Our state of the art broadcast gear includes the Blackmagic Constellation 8K, Blackmagic Advanced Control Panel and Roland VR-50HD Mk ii. We use both wired and wireless Eartec Communication headsets to ensure smooth communication during production. And our audio and sound gear cover all your needs as well with everything from an array of mixers including a Midas M32 Live Digital Mixer, Yamaha Fx 12v2 Mixer, a wireless Behringer 6i Mixer to Shure Wireless Microphones.
Along with lighting and computer gear that makes the Livestream broadcasting look professional, we also supply the software and connectify VPN Platforms. And with Mushroom Networks Portabella Streamer Unit that allows us to create a cellular bonded internet connection for live streaming in remote locations with directional antennas, we've got Livestreaming Atlanta. Reach out to the pros at Film Quality Services and let's plan your next Livestream broadcasting event.

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