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Atlanta Braves Activation

FQS, NCE, Atlanta Braves, RBK, and Axis Replay

August 21, 2019

Promotion Reel

Full Recording

Press Release

ATLANTA, August 21st, – Axis Replay, Nationwide Creative Entertainment, Film Quality
Services, and the Atlanta Braves announced the Atlanta Players’ Cup. The Atlanta Players’ Cup is an initiative to fundraise for local charities through celebrity video game tournaments, in the popular game Fortnite. The Cup will launch with the Atlanta Braves. The Atlanta Players’ Cup is starting with athletes from the Atlanta Braves, including Luke Jackson and other Braves players, and will expand to other professional sports organizations in the metro Atlanta area, to support the organizations’ charities of choice. The Braves event will take place following the conclusion of Wednesday’s Atlanta Braves vs. Miami Marlins game at SunTrust Park in Atlanta, GA. Fans will be able to watch the Cup through Twitch, and donate to cheer on the players. All proceeds will go to the Atlanta Braves Foundation. The players will engage in different challenges, as donation goals are met. Donors will be eligible to receive prizes, such as Braves’ Autographed items, celebrity interaction, and more.  Not only will the event showcase well-known sports professionals, Raised by Kings (RBK) – the professional esports team owned by Luke Jackson - will be providing commentary during the game and engaging fans throughout the evening. Axis Replay provided gaming equipment & chairs, Tournament Support, and IT Help. Film Quality Services provided lights, cameras, webcams, monitoring & live video editing services, switching, livestreaming, audio, observer & directorial duties, photography, staff, build up & tear down.  Nationwide Creative Entertainment provided Talent & Investor Relations throughout the activation. This activation was ran as a beta pro bono charity event meant to prove the value of having esports and sports merge through proof of engagement and viewership.

Important Stats

Twitch – 9:30pm – 1am (3.5 hours duration)

Total Views: 230,244        

Unique Views: 138,856        

Minutes Watched: 644,151

Chats: 2,515        

Followers: 332            

Max Viewers: 6,926 (2,715th in World)

Stream Duration: 3 Hours and 31 Minutes        

Distro: US – 78% Views, Canada – 10%

Average Age: Between 14 – 18 Years Old        

Average Viewers: 3,109 (1,300th in World)

242nd Best Fortnite Stream combined hours of Fortnite in the World

Important Notes

2nd most viewed stream that night
Top 10 Fortnite Channels of the evening, better than the MLB

Facebook – Braves – 11pm – 12am (1 Hour Duration)
Views: 50,000 Views on Facebook, 250,000 on Twitch

Film Quality Services
Axis Replay
Nationwide Creative Entertainment
Raised By Kings


Important Background Knowledge:

Braves (9 million following) only promoted the event to their following twice (starting on Monday, 8/19) before the livestream aired.

The team was not able to use text to donate or Tiltify as these vendors were not registered with the MLB. 
Current Braves Foundation landing pages are outdated and difficult to use; they force users to log in to donate. These stats are not available until after the activation, thus hampering the overall donation experience. 
Production was not allowed per MLB’s instructions to go live during the baseball game. The game had to finish before the livestream could be posted on the Braves Facebook account. 


1 Shoutcaster was provided by Film Quality Services, the other was provided by RBK.

Luke Jackson is the owner of RBK and the lynchpin of the Braves involvement in this activation. 
Room was changed week before activation, so floor plans and ideas had to be redrawn to fit specifications.
Buildout occurred over 3 days and over 30 hours starting on Monday at 10AM and ending on Wednesday at 3AM.


Braves won against the Marlins, 5 – 0.

MLB approved Braves activation on Monday, 8/19. 

8 Major Fortnite Competitors (Streamers) quit the Fortnite Tournament due to bugs within the system 1 hour before our go live.

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