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Hollace Bain

Observer, IT, Operations

This role quickly evolved into producing online esports talk shows, as well as actually casting collegiate CSGO matches alongside reputable casters. His employment at AVGL gave him great opportunities to work with collegiate esports programs across the country, which complimented his desires to become an esports leader at his own university. This blossomed into him acquiring a leadership position within Georgia State’s Panther Gaming club as it's Esports Director. Hollace went on to serve as the President of Panther Gaming while also acting as the Team Captain for Georgia State’s Division 1 CS:GO team. He was then offered a production internship at Skillshot Studios - a multifaceted esports broadcasting studio brought to life by Hi-Rez Studios. It was here that Hollace acquired invaluable hands-on experience with esports broadcasting technology and a deeper understanding of what it takes to produce an engaging broadcast centered around competitive gaming. He took this knowledge with him to Axis Replay where he currently manages the company's video and broadcast production.


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